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I Haven't updated this thing in more than a year ._.

An update on what I've been up to. Last year for a blur of a span of 4-5 months I was working on an independent 2d animated film.
The 2 minute animation is called Seedling. It's currently doing film festival runs and it was a pretty cool experience.

If you want to check it out, it is up on Vimeo:

After finishing the film, I went into concept art and visual development so that's what I'm doing full time these days. Growing older does seem like you have less and less time to procrastinate haha. I'm still updating on a monthly basis on my blog about random stuff and sketches and art and stuff like that, and once in a while I'll upload some stuff here as well, I haven't been that great in this aspect though. Art wise, there's so much I want to do, there's so much amazing art in illustration, visdev, fineart, and animation, makes you want to do it all. For most of last year my concentration had been on environments and lighting and stuff of that nature, I've neglected character stuff for so long, I really want to start getting back into characters after I finish a few of my current projects. Once September/October gets around I should have stuff up =>

As for games, haven't had much time to play much, but still looking forward to Diablo3 the most, StudioQube has been hyping up the new Deus Ex for me so I'll probably pick that up later this month.

Thanks for reading, even though I haven't updated much I still check all my messages and keep up with all the incoming deviations. Between dA, googleReader, CGhub, a lot of awesome new art to look at every day =>
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Havn't updated this thing in a while so might as well throw something up here.

Been pretty busy as school and we're working on our group films. Still doing personal painting on the side but it goes way slower with the amount of animation we have to do in the coming month.

Anywyas recently playing FFXIII, it is really good so far. The linear storyline is completely fine, but we'll see how things go, it's a really long game => ..oh and Vanille is really annoying.

And also some pokemon heartGold on the side. I'm gonna do this playthrough without the starter haha. I got a badass koffing and wooper so far and the gyms are actually pretty challenging cause I've been holding off evolutions to gain their attacks faster.

I'm most likely gonna go to AX this year so time to draw some animu&mango, not sure what to do yet though.

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school is busy as usual, negleting dA more and more =>

anyways, playing some demon souls and Uncharted 2 (soon, gonna buy it when I got the time to head over to EB)

need to also find time to paint some personal stuff lol...

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New Haruhi(S2) episode aired today.

that is all

There's at least like 5 groups subbing it like the fist of the north star right now, so we'll get the subs faster than the speed of light.

Fellow classmates on dA

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Yo dawg, I herd yo and yo dog like yo yos so we put yo dog in a yo yo so yo can yo yo yo dog while yo dog yo yos, dawg.


Edit: ok the live stream is over.

General thoughts before an offical high quality video is up: good graphics, not as crazy polished as i thought, but this isn't the final game so still high hopes. The gameplay is actually really reminiscent of a mix of FFx-2 and FF12. A good thing cause the battle system in x-2 was just kick ass. But just in terms of INNOVATION, nothing really blew me out of the water in surprise. The overworld transition to battles is not completely smooth like they said it would, but rather more like TWEWY where you innitialize the battle in the overworld and can get an advantage of sorts at the beginning of battle (I think, not sure). And at the end of battle you get exp ranked by time I think, another thing like twewy.

good demo but not crazy amazing either. It fell a bit short of my expectations to be honest, it feels a lot like previous FFs(FF12 mostly) and not enough forward change, here's hoping the final game would make some final changes.

Also, lightning's voice actress, thumbs up =) and new trailers for 13versus and agito.

I haven't done any finished art/or art I would upload on dA for a while now, so that's why I never update here, but my blog has all the school/random stuff I do and stuff so if you are bored

Fellow classmates on dA

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Alright, status update again. (Also bracing for impact on voting day tomorrow in the u.s., shyt might get crazy)


Anyone that plays games on a regular basis knows that now is like the GODSEND of gaming, all the good games are coming out around this time of year. So much stuff to play soooooo little time. I just recently got into the Castlevania series. It's sooo good. The reason I didn't touch the franchise before was I thought it was going to be like a normal platformer where if you touch a bad guy you just die. Those games got frustrating wiht me( Especially contra, oh god the memories). But to my huge surprise Castlevania (the recent ones after SotN anyways) had A LOT of rpg elements. In fact I consider it more of an rpg than a platformer really. It's more puzzle based and you level up and level up your skills like an rpg all within platforming 2D sprite goodness.

Anyways just beat Order of Ecclesia, and it is one crazy good game. The beginning is BALLS hard. The crab boss FFFFFFFFFFFFF. But after that once you had enough money for potions its not as hard, but expect to die a loooot). Going to finish playomg SotN and then move on to the gba castlevanias. this is so addictive. and fyi portrait of ruin is pretty good.

Another game that looks really good is Mirror's Edge. I played the demo on the ps3 and the graphics first of all is FKn amazing. The whole demo was just wow, I'm not a fps guy but this game really isn't an fps and just jumping everywhere is awesome.


I'm going to jog every morning for 30 minutes outside and do a 30min sketch/painting study EVERY DAY. Let's see how long I can keep this up. Hopefully for a month, then it can be a regular thing.


Oh and Watch Michiko to Hatchin in the new season of animu, it's good stuff. And of course 00.


Fellow classmates on dA


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2nd year is crazy, the workload + classes + eating time makes doing anything else almost impossible. But it's fun still. Don't have much time to paint ;;

Right now I have the urge to paint cute asian chicks cause we've been looking at Benjamin's artwork( ) these days. I just bought a 30$ poster of one of his paintings today, soo goooooood.

not much else to talk about cause school = life right now. it's school/draw/eat/sleep.

thanks for all the comments and stuff, I read all of them, just feel awkward to reply sorta lol.

Fellow classmates on dA


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(July 16)update 2: Ok, after seeing the sony conference, I've seriously lost a lot of hope for ps3. More than 2/3 of the games coming out(in the west) are HURDUR FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS SO FUN LAWL.

BOY IT SURE IS FUCKING 360 AROUND HERE. IF I WANTED TO PLAY 20 DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF THE SAME-SHOOT-EVERYTHING-YOU-SEE GAME, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT A 360. They never showcased one remotly rpg-ish game. wtf, are rpgs such a minority now? There's no way ps3 can compete with the already established base of jocks playan the new fps of the month on their 360s. Nintendo dropped out of that market a long time ago, and look where it got them? A WHOLE SHYTTON OF MONEY. I'm so tired of looking at games where 1/4 of the screen is a static gun.

I realize a lot of people love fps's but that stuff doesn't appeal to me at all. one of the things about mgs4 that i didn't like was the fact that it was leaning too heavily into the shootan instead of sneakin.

i know that its the developers deciding what to make, but as a consumer, it doesn't even matter.

fuck this shyt, I'm going back to playing pc games...and soul calibur 4 at the end of the month =x



(July 15)update: ok after reading the live blog on Kotaku on a Square Enix conference, it seems like the reason is mostly because ps3 doesn't have a big enough install base in north America and Europe to stay exclusive. But still, Square, wtf, there goes ALL brand loyalty.

I paid like 600 bucks to play like 2 games and now you say that one of the 2 games will be multi-platform. If sony doesn't bring VERY good news tomorrow at their conference, ps3 is going to look horrible in the future. FF13 is probably their biggest console seller other than mgs4 in the foreseeable future and now they've lost it.

ITT this is what we get for staying loyal to a brand.


(July 15)Just saw the live E3 Microsoft conference, and they ANNOUNCED FINAL FANTASY 13(port) FOR xbox 360, NO FUCKING JOKE.


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Beat it last night, a total of around 20 hours, about 6 or so hours of which are cut scenes. I swear the ending movie was at least an hour long.

I'm going to replay it at least once or twice more cause I skipped a lot of the extra stuff in the missions, but my main grope with the game is that there's not enough gameplay. The game can basically be separated into 2 equal parts: the first and second half. The first half is totally a 10/10 for me, better than mgs3 if the first half was extended into a full game (act 2 is FUCKING AMAZING, it was mgs3 super condensed but upgraded as well). The 2nd half of the game is basically A LONG MOVIE. What a joke, I understand kojima has a lot of story elements to wrap up, but wow, the last act has ONE MAP OF SNEAKING.

Yeah, so lack of gameplay is probably my only gripe with the game. Everything else is amazing to say the least. It's made everything from the previous games better and even added soo many NEW and AMAZING elements. FOREST TRACKING LIKE A NINJA? FUCK YES. Overall I just think this game acts like a demo for future Metal Gear games, giving us a sneak peak at all the crazy innovative gameplay for different types of environments(each act could be extended into its own game).

Haven't touched mgo yet, but I'll get started on that in a couple of weeks.
Also Raiden is now cool.

Status Update
Ok, I guess I should update this thing seeing how my last journal was in January.

School's been over for a couple of weeks and I got a job at a local grocery store. It's a pretty laid back job so I like it. It's only for 3 days a week so I still have time for summer...stuff.

as for art, I remember the school year where time seemed like such a treasured object and there never seemed to be enough of it when you needed it. So for the summer I'm just going to remind myself of those times and try to make most of it and do productive things. The plan hasn't been working out that well, but I'm managing to draw everyday..mostly, which is good haha. Need to cut back on the useless hours I spend just surfing the internet (I'm looking at you 4chan, you're probably my biggest time sink)

aside from art, been watching random stuff, RE-watching Card Captor Sakura lol... and maybe after that watch Cowboy Bebop again, recent seasons of shows suck ass. Code Geass is alright for a time waste but not that good, Macross Frontier is also not that good. Gundam 00 was prob that last semi-decent show I watched. Still nothing compared to the good old classics though ;_;

Random Commissions
Since it's summer, I guess I'll join the massive flocks of people opening commissions. I remember last year, it was great that I got commissions at all, but it felt like a job to go though all of them ._.

So this time, I'm going to try something different. No slots or whatever, Just NOTE me and we can talk about it.

Rates are going to be something like:
$90 for a full cg painting
$40 for a speed cg painting

*no hard copy
*usually takes 1 week

I'm doing this to fill up the spare times I would be spending on 4chan or gaming.

  • Watching: mgs4 amazing.

The handheld-camera gimmick is awesome. It's an awesome take on filming horror/monster movies. Oh man, I forgot my glasses in the car so my vision wasn't that clear >=(, but yea wow, so many cg effects, but no one is complaining, it looked so awesome.

You actually feel like you are right there in the middle of everything because during almost the entire movie, the camera is held by one person so it makes you feel like you are right there with the group of survivors and experiencing everything with them.

darn, I totally need to see the movie again and with glasses this time. There were plenty of awesome shots of the monster during the movie but I couldn't see the details well...;_;

anyways, EPIC. Half of the people stayed after the credits to see if there was a secret ending...but there wasn't so just a heads up.

For those who don't know, Cloverfield IS a giant monster film with plenty of awesome shots of the monster without us having to wait until the end of the movie to get to see it. It's also NOT Godzilla.

heads up: people who get easily sick from motion sickness be warned, the camera moves around a lot. They even have a warning when you buy a Cloverfield ticket to tell people to watch out. i.e. if you are one of those people who get sick from playing first person shooter games, you might not be able to watch the movie. One of my friends was a bit nauseous after the movie haha.

Secret Santa

Um, my first choice would be a fanart of a   Team Fortress 2    character in any style you prefer: Preferably I would like a female rendition of any one of the characters. If you want to go all out and do more characters that would be more awesome haha, but a lot of work.

        helpful links: group picture -…
                           character list -…
                                                 just google a character from the list to find pictures of the specific class.

if you don't feel like doing that, you can just do a fan art of either Gurren Lagann, Tenkon Kinkreet, or BLAME!(if you know BLAME! and can do environment-concept paintings, I would love a speedpaint of a huge underground environment)

Secret Santa End

Random Stuff

uh, not much update, it's super busy before holiday break. Theres so much work that I just sit there for a hour thinking about how much work I have and don't get started on any of them =_=.

The recent writers' strike took away The Office, which makes me sad.

Been playing some pokemon and TF2.

yea...not much stuff to report....

check out Jason Chan's works, it's so awesome *_* :

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Yay, it's reading week and all I've been doing for the past 3 days is just gaming. Even though theres a ton of homework to do =_=

Yea Orange Box is so awesome, right now playing though HL2 and Team Fortress 2.

I played though like half of the original Half Life 1 but it was kinda scary so I didn't finish it, hahahaha. But now I'm playing HL2 and its so awesome =L, although the chapters with lots of those alien things are really scary >.>

Team Fortress 2 is probably the most time wasting game for me, I'm spending way too much time playing it. I usually play as demoman or soldier and medic when no one on my team wants to be medic lol. If anyone plays, give me your steam ID and I'll add you >=0

yea...anyways thats all thats going on...need to do some work.

ps. Portal is awesome

pps. The cake was great.

ppps. No, I was just joking, the cake is a lie = (

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  • Reading: One Piece
omg, I marathoned the One Piece manga this week, and I must say, it is way better than the other shounen manga in Jump right now.

At first, I wasn't really that interested in the story, so I read along slowly and doing other stuff in between volumes, but the the story kind of grows on you. The stories of friendship are so heart warming. I never recalled naruto (haku arc might come a little close ) or bleach having any of that. After that I just went crazy and just bulldozed through the volumes *_*

The art, at the beginning was really a big deterrent, one of the reasons i didn't bother with reading one piece before (in addition to the 400+ chapters i had to go through, and the American dub of the anime gave me a false impression as I now know), but as I got past a couple of volumes, I got used to the art style, and sometimes its actually kind of sweet, and the exaggerated art fits soooo well with the story.

This manga also has to much over the top comedy and overall ideas, its just crazy, like they can be in a very serious fight and for half the chapter you would have jokes. It makes reading it much more enjoyable. compared to the other shounen manga where they would be funny only when the shounen formula allows them to be funny, and when they get into a 3+ month fight, you would not see a spec of humour at all. I mean whens the last time we saw some humour in the current naruto arc?

anyways overall, I think the plot is great, I love finding out about bloodlines and stuff.

My most favourite character is probably Robin, Sanji is a close second. But all the characters are soooo great, <3

So yea I waisted precious portfolio time to read one piece TnT.
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The anime scene...

whats a bored, loner, procrastinating geek of a guy to do, when the new season of animation in japan is utter crap?
Crap as in nothing that interests 'me', I'm sure theres record numbers of fans watching Death note, dgrayman, and whatever harem show thats on right now.

Now I know after long years of watching anime how the old timers feel. You know, reminiscing about the days of truly awesome anime, cowboy bebop, evangelion, macross, etc, you know the over-hyped stuff you always hear about, but you know what? There's a reason why they are over-hyped and why you still hear about them after MANY years of the saturated anime scene. Its because they are truly GOOD.

we the teen anime fans are what the 'experts' say the 3rd generation. We, who are the fans growing up around the culture of Naruto, FMA, and love hina, etc.

The second generation is what we call the oldies, you know the 20-ish year olds who grew up on the macross, voltron, lupin III, all all that old school 90s stuff.

And of course theres the truly old school 1st generation fans, who grew up on the birth of anime, with astro boy, or whatever anime that came after that.

I guess the point of this seemingly random post is that, now that I've seem most of the mainstream, niche, and old animes (Yes I got 100 gigs on my HD just filled with voltron, macross, and all that old school good stuff) I've come to note that Even thought he animation quality has gone up by tenfolds, the story telling and plot 'quality' does not. Now I know this is pretty obvious to some people, but I think most of the random fan-otaku do not. The naruto watchers on Cartoon Network (I call them the dub generation) seem to think that the anime now is great! Naruto, DBZ, FMA, the new Gundams, and soon to be Suzumiya Haruhi. Please note that I have nothing against this, but now I've come to note that some of these people in the dub generation seem to think that Thats all there is and that anime gets better as it grows and that anything that looks like its been made from 5 years ago is nothing compared to all the crisp shiny new computer animation done today. They seem to have an presumptuous attitute that they know about the old school stuff when they DONT.

If you want to hear my point of view, I say instead of waiting for the next episode of the remake of Negima, go back and check out some older stuff. I know for me, once I've reached a point of wasting soooo much of my life watching all this stuff, I've come to notice a difference in the type of good and bad anime you find these days.

Now everything I said from above is just my opinion and if you guys really like to know some true knowledgeable info on the 'anime scene and its progression over the years', I'd Strongly suggest checking out the Anime World Order Podcast. These guys KNOW what they are talking about, they are some 2nd generation geeks I would say, but they know about the new stuff and old.

Note that you dont need an IPOD to listen to podcasts lol, they are just large mp3 files you can put on any mp3 player or jsut play on your pc.

AWO site:

the western scene...

So, back to the beginning, where I was talking about what I was going to do when the new season of anime is crap? Why resort to the only other addictive thing on tv, Western prime time drama. Yep, you know those, stuff like the OC (which is ending in feb I heard, its being canceled), Smallville, battlestar galactica, etc etc. Not that I'm watching all of them, I'm not that crazy lol, or have enough time for that matter. Man If we were all back in 9th or 10th grade, nothing to do all day but do whatever you want. I miss those days, I don't want to grow up.

Anyways, I've been only watching 2 shows, H E R O E S and Veronica Mars. I've been taling to friends like a freaken fan girl or something, its sounds so retarded but yea, I'm enjoying the overdose of forced drama. Its certainly better than watching a insanely normal guy being chased by 500 underaged girls who all seem to fall in love with that guy and the usual forced romance ensues for a couple of seasons.

Anyways Heroes is just awesome, its basically xmen without the spandex and with a lot of drama. Theres alot of overpowered powers in this show, its just awesome, I mean who doesn't like a Japanese hero named Hiro who can bend the space time continuum? Did I mention he is going to carry a samurai sword >')

Veronica Mars, I just started the second season, not as good as heroes in my opinion, seems a lot of like a normal teenage girl going through highschool show. But shes solving mysteries in the town and stuff, so I'm going to at least keep up with it. The first season is pretty good, very nicely planned out.

If anyone has seen these 2 shows, feel free to enter your fan girl squeal in the comments >')

Ok I've gone way too long in this journal, I dont expect alot of people to have the patients to read it all, but it looks good on my page >'), Makes me look edumacated >'). Sorry if you see alot of mistakes in grammer and stuff, no time to check over that long thing i just typed.

If you need any "help" getting anything like the older anime shows or torrents of new seaons of western tv, you can just ask me. No need to watch these shows and still watch those things called commercials >')